Authors and exercise

Apparently my kids debated long and hard over the pros (loves gadgets) and cons ( inclined towards OCD  ) before giving me a Jawbone UP band  for my birthday. The UP band is a sophisticated pedometer/sleep/diet monitor you wear on your wrist, the results of which you analyse at your convenience on your smart phone. I love this little gadget, even though it has yielded some rather shocking revelations.

Writing is a health hazard – I’ve always known that – and I used to feel pretty virtuous about working out on the cross trainer every afternoon. This strenuous burst of activity surely made up for the fact that I had been lying in bed writing or sitting at my desk with barely a muscle twitch in anything but my 2 hyperactive writing fingers. But according to the Upband, one burst of activity during a largely sedentary day is just not good enough. Time to change my routine, I decided; ‘walk to work’ on the treadmill and ‘walk home ‘ every afternoon when my writing day is finished. That’s worked great. I now easily achieve the 10,000 plus recommended steps you’re supposed to do per day for a healthy  lifestyle.

And zero word count.

Yes, zero.

Once I’ve walked to work the last thing I seem to be able to do is sit down and write. The kitchen’s a mess and must be tidied. Better put that washing on. Let the chooks out. Pull those weeds. Is that water pipe squirting away our precious water? Better make some healthy soup for lunch now that I am leading such an exceedingly healthy lifestyle. The long and the short is I am so charged up with oxygen to the brain that I can’t seem to sit down, unless it’s to write emails or glance at facebook or twitter – I mean it’s taken weeks to update this blog, dammit!

So, the question for my author/editor friends is how do you write and manage a healthy lifestyle? I’d love to know how you do it. If you’re not too busy writing please leave a comment.

Time to walk home now…

Aussie Winners

Congrats to the Aussie winners of the GoodReads book givaway:
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Lucas Cheesman

HarperCollins will post your books – enjoy!

US Book Give Away Winners!

Congratulations to Ivy Hedge, Gary Festa and Nikki Hunsake for winning copies of Antidote To Murder through the Goodreads site. Your books have been posted to you by my publisher. You were the lucky three drawn from 392 requests!

Aussie readers have only ONE MORE DAY to enter the draw:

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