Can Creative Writing be taught Part 2

Thanks to Ingrid for organising this.

Ingrid Rickersey

A couple of weeks ago I posed the question “Can creative fiction writing be taught. This was a discussion within our writers group prompted by a newspaper article by Tegan Bennet Daylight.

I recently spoke with popular crime writer Felicity Young to get her thoughts on the subject. Here’s what Felicity had to say

Crime writer:  Felicity Young

Can fiction writing be taught?

 My answer to that is Yes. And No.

I think this topic is thesis-worthy! I’m afraid my comments barely skim the surface, but here’s a start:

A fiction novel is the sum of many components, and it is my belief that a great many of these can be taught. These are what I consider the tools of the trade, the craft of writing, ie the skills and writing techniques we start learning when we are at school. The craft consists of things like spelling, grammar and sentence structure, progressing to the analysis…

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