About this blog

Until recently my arduous novel writing schedule has put me off even contemplating keeping a blog. But now, after having written eight novels in ten years I’ve decided to take a holiday from my writing regime and partake in a little social media exploration.

So please don’t expect anything too polished here. I sweat the details enough in my novels and this is intended to be just a bit of fun on the side.

My last two books, A Dissection of Murder (aka The Anatomy of Death) and Antidote to Murder, feature my Edwardian era female autopsy surgeon, Dody McCleland. One of the many reasons for embarking upon this historical series is that I have always been passionate about all things Edwardian. Over the days, weeks and years (no promises) I hope to share with you interesting tit-bits I have picked up about the Edwardian era while doing my research.  I also hope to have a section devoted to writing tips and tricks, book recommendations, and a work in progress — an Edwardian era dolls’ house (one can dream).

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